Established in Amsterdam Nguruh is a brand that combine different types of leather and textile to create the ultimate accessories, such as bags, belt, purses and wallets.

Nguruh means leather in Pulaar. Pulaar is a spoken language which originates from West – Afrika.

The history of Nguruh starts in North- and West – Afrika. The materials are carefully selected and manufactured to produce the best and most durable products. All our products are hand crafted in our own workshops located in Morocco and Mauritania.

Each of the products are hand crafted which is one of the reasons why Nguruh stands for great working conditions in the textile/leather factories. We work closely together with our suppliers / designers and involve them in the design process. We take account in the importance and benefits of corporate social responsibility.

All our products are robust leather and hand crafted. Besides being strong and durable, they are also one of its kind.